Two wifi with two services

I’m used openWRT with tplink, i want to create tow wifi signal, with tow services, the first for me with wan pppoe, and other access point for hotspot mikrotik server, how i can do it? i need assigned wifi hotspot to wan Bridge, but i can't do it with wan pppoe.

Please help me.
thank you.

It looks like you want two wifi SSIDs, and maybe one for each of two different service providers. (If that's not correct, I apologize for editing your title).

I don't understand where the data flows yet.

Is it that you want (A):

                         /--> SSID #1
ISP <-- PPOE --> OpenWRT 
                         \--> Mikrotik <---> SSID #2

or is it more like (B):

                               /--> SSID #1
ISP #1 <--  PPOE -----\       /
ISP #2 <-- Mikrotik --/       \
                               \--> SSID #2

Where SSID #1 is "connected to" ISP #1 and SSID #2 is connected to ISP #2?

Or something else?

thanks for reply,

not any thing above,

mikrotik before openWRT have to services, i want to config on SSID for hotspot and other SSID to free Internet with wan pppoe clint.