Two wifi dongels same network

hi, ive been looking around but couldnt find it anywhere. but is it possible to use two wifi dongels to output the same wifi?
so they both output the same wifi.
i havent been able to find anywhere

Why would you do that ?

why wouldnt i do that?

Dunno, what's why I'm asking what the goal is...

Also, what does "same wifi" mean ?

instead of each wifi dongle being its own access point, i want to combine 2 wifi dongles into 1 access point. so 2 dongels -> 1 access point. if that makes sense

Not really :slight_smile:

what would you achieve by combining them ?

a stronger connection.
so you cant really bridge them into outputting as one?

FAIK no, you cannot aggregate them into one.

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thats sad, i'd expect that to work since of the multiple antenna's on other routers, now i know openwrt is one you make yourself. but still

They operate on different bands, and even if they didn't, you still wouldn't be able to combine them.

The routers which have multiple antennas have all antennas connected to the same chip so they can produce signals that are tightly coordinated with each other in the process called MIMO. This won't work with separate radios in dongles.

Also when two WiFi dongles are physically next to each other and operated on the same band, they tend to jam each other even if set to different channels.

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alright, i understand now. to be honest its a bit saddening, i bought two dongels for this haha, maybe for another project i can use the other dongel


after all ...
maybe wording is not right ?

so, you could put 2 usb wifi dongle in router
make same SSID on them
put USB#1 on ch 1
put USB#2 on ch10
put them in same network

now, there is some chance that when you moving in your apartment with laptop, or using multiple wifi clients, they will "jump" on best usb dongle and there is chance that you will have full bandwidth

this way, you could achieve better signal, better SNR, better throughput ...
it will not be as 2x300mbps, but it will be better for sure

The 3 non-overlapping channels in the 2.4G band are 1, 6, and 11. Don't use channel 10.

Possible, but not really likely here because the two dongles are in the same location, so one would expect to see performance fall off at approximately the same distance/rate.

That said, the place where there is merit to this relates to background noise and interference based on the selected channel. However, instead of running 2 dongles on different channels, it is best to do a site survey with a channel scan to find out which channel(s) are least utilized and thus would be most performant. By selecting the least congested channel, that should provide the best performance.

ch10 was here because i don't know location of OP, and the USA freq will end on ch10

it is more about channel quality and micro location
there is always a chance that some noise will appear on ch1 and SNR will be low
after few day, noise will be on other channel, or some nearby AP ...
if you have two channels to choose, it is good thing
and distance between 1 and 10 is enough to not interfere in local RF

Nope. The USA has up through channel 11.

ok, my mistake :frowning: