Two WANs (One WIFI network per WAN)

Hi, I have two different WANs (Internet Cable & Internet Through VPN). Is it possible to have two different WIFIs networks, one for each WAN?

My internet VPN traffic is through an interface with protocol WireGuard VPN that I have successfully configured.

Any clue or idea about where I can search for information/tutorials?

Thank you

There are quite a lot of topics here for this question.

to name a few


Hi, thanks for your reply. I reviewed the three links and it seems none of those solutions work, I will try installing mwan3 and see if it works.


mwan3 can do the trick.

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I haven't tried mwan3 before, but is it really needed in this case? I mean if no balancing is required, and each WAN will have it's LAN, can't this just be done by making 2WANs and 2 LANs, and configure the firewall accordingly?

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mwan3 can do more than load balancing/failover.
It can direct traffic from one source to one link and traffic from another source to another link.
Firewall can allow or drop packets, it won't make routing decisions.


First, add option route_allowed_ips '0' to your Wireguard config to disable iptables
Then use VPN Policy Routing package to redirect your second WiFi's LAN network traffic to goes through Wireguard's WAN

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Not routing allowed IPs doesn't change anything in iptables.

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Hi, I could successfully configure everything so now I have one wifi per WAN. Here it is what I have done:

  1. Install mwan3 & wireguard (
# opkg update
# opkg wireguard
# opkg install mwan3
# opkg install luci-app-mwan3
  1. Create two network interfaces
  • name: wan_wg0, protocol: WireGuard VPN (Very important is do not enable check "Route Allowed IPs" to avoid changes in routes)
  • name: lan_wg, protocol: static address with dhcp enabled (network
  1. Create a new wifi linked to the new network (

  2. Create two firewall zones

  • wan_wg (Covered networks "wan_wg0", Allow forward from source zones "lan_wg")
  • lan_wg (Covered networks "lan_wg", Allow forward to destination zones: "wan_wg0" )

*** mwan3 ***

  1. In "network/load balancing/interfaces" (Names must match the interface name found in /etc/config/network)
  • Interface "wan" (initial state on line)
  • Interface "wan_wg0" (initial state on line)
  1. In "network/load balancing/members"
  • new member "m_wan" with interface "wan", metric 1 and weight 1
  • new member "m_wan_wg0" with interface "wan_wg0", metric 2 and weight 2
  1. In "network/load balancing/policies"
  • new policy "p_wan" with member "m_wan" and last resort unreachable
  • new policy "p_wan_wg0" with member "m_wan_wg0" and last resort unreachable
  1. In "network/load balancing/rules"
  • new rule "r_wan" with source address "", destination address "", protocol "all" and policty "p_wan".
  • new rule "r_wan_wg0" with source address "", destination address "", protocol "all" and policty "p_wan_wg0".

Last notes:

  • My second wan is a wireguard vpn but these steps can be reproduced with any other wan interface.
  • One wifi is in network and the other one (wireguard) is in

Thank you all for your help guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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# opkg install wireguard
# opkg install luci-proto-wireguard

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