Two WAN networks, how to choose which sites go out of each one

Hi, I need to tell OpenWRT that certain internet sites are accessed through one WAN and not the other. I have an Archer 1350 router and it is configured to balance two WANs, but one does not allow access to some pages and that is why I need those sites to go exclusively through the other.
(sorry for the English, I write with the Google translator)
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The keywords to look for in the wiki would be mwan3 or policy based routing.

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Thanks for the two answers, unfortunately I do not get to understand.
I explain better what I need, I have two Internet providers, "A" and "B", "B" has a banned public IP (and refuse to change it) and banks do not let me access through that IP, For what I try to make OpenWRT direct traffic to through "A" exclusively, regardless of the rest of the Internet traffic.
Thank you very much and I hope I have been clear in my query and I hope you can help me.

opkg update
opkg install vpn-policy-routing luci-app-vpn-policy-routing
/etc/init.d/rpcd restart
uci set vpn-policy-routing.config.enabled="1"
uci set vpn-policy-routing.config.resolver_ipset="none"
while uci -q delete vpn-policy-routing.@policy[0]; do :; done
uci add vpn-policy-routing policy
uci set vpn-policy-routing.@policy[-1].dest_addr=""
uci set vpn-policy-routing.@policy[-1].interface="wana"
uci commit vpn-policy-routing
/etc/init.d/vpn-policy-routing restart