Two subnets with two routers, one linked to modem

Hello! My first post here.

I bought two routers (Netgear R7800) a couple of months ago and now I'd like to implement two separated networks sharing a single internet connection.

My actual setup is:

  • Router 1 ( receives internet connection on WAN port and shares it on WiFi + all LAN ports;
  • Router 2 ( linked to Router 1 via ethernet cable and spawning its own WiFi network.

What I would like to achieve

  • Router 1 keeps its IP, WiFi and Internet connection;
  • Router 2 goes to IP and takes Internet connection from Router 1, so that the two networks are separated, possibly each with their own firewall zone

Reading some documentation, I understood that this should be achieved by setting up a VLAN but I wasn't able to do it. I tried setting up a VLAN with VID 2 on both devices, both with cpu0 tagged and the two ports which connect the routers via ethernet cable to untagged but it doesn't work (and it seems to me the correct solution so I must have not fully understood the docs).

Can someone help, please?
All the help is much appreciated!

You don't need vlans for that.
This scenario can work with almost defaults.
Just connect r2 wan to r1 lan. Then on r2 add a firewall rule to drop traffic from lan to the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of r1 lan.

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@trendy thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to have a working connection between the two routers with your instructions. Could you explain yourself any further, please?

There is not much to explain. Change the lan ip address of r2 to Then connect its wan port to the lan port of r1. By now both r1 and r2 have their own lans and offer internet to the lan hosts. Finally add a firewall rule on r2 to prevent r2 lan hosts from accessing r1 lan.

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