Two openwrt router on the same network. Help needed?

Hello fellow openwrt users. I'm new to openwrt and I have two xiaomi 4a router with OpenWrt 21.02.0 installed. My house is two floor so I use openwrt devices in each floor. They are connected to ISP's stock modem via lan cable. My problem is I have a wifi printer on second floor and I can't print anything using the computer on the first floor because two openwrt devices isolate themselves. I have to take the computer upstairs to print. I couldn't find a solution and I need help. Thanks in advance.

It's unclear what you're looking for, but (only-) one of these might help:


It looks like you use Xiaomi routers as just switches, and WiFi-APs. So you should set IPs on them manually, and disable DHCP. After that you can try to configure them as DumbAPs, as it is mentioned above.

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