Two ISP routers and an OpenWrt device for redundancy?

I can use two routers in my home.

Router A is from my ISP. I can deactivate the DHCP server on it and the gateway ip address is configured to
Router B is behind an ethernet port in my flat. It's provided by my property management. I have no access to it, a DHCP server is running on it. It's gateway address is configured to Currently an openwrt device configured as dump ap is directly connected to it.

Is it possible to install a redundancy setup here? Normally i want to route everything over router A, but if this fails i want to switch to router B.

My idea was to let the openwrt device function as the DHCP server in the network. On router A i can deactivate the DHCP server. DHCP requests should never reach router B, as the only connection to it is going over the openwrt device. Perhaps i have to setup a firewall rule to it, but that part seems to be solvable to me.

But i have problems with the second part. Detecting that router A fails and then switch all devices in the network to router B. Is there a way to do this? Is this even the correct way to do this?

The "mwan3" package does exactly that.


I followed this tutorial setting up multiwan on openwrt.

Thank you guys, that's exactly what i was searching for. Multiwan, sometimes you just need to know the correct term to search for.

I've read through the user guide of mwan3 and watched the video.

I think i have only one last question before i will try to setup my openwrt device. I understand that i have to setup a vlan on the ports connected to the routers. But in router A there is also an ethernet switch. Is it possible to still use that ethernet switch?

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I think i misunderstood something. I will just try it.

It is better not to use it. You should connect both routers to OpenWRT router, so it will have two wan interfaces.

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