Two interfaces, one lan on x86_64


I'm running custom built router with OpenWrt x86_64, I have a total of 3 interfaces (one onboard, and two on an Intel NIC). Up to now I have used and of the interfaces for WAN, and the other one for LAN.

Now I want to add a second access point and would like to use the third interface for that.
The idea is that both LAN ports are in the same subnet. So what I want to create is a basically a switch, but that tab is missing in LuCI.

In my interfaces list I have something like this:

WAN port is eth1
LAN port is eth0

The interface that I want to add is eth2. I tried different solutions, but couldn't get access to Internet after playing with it. What should I do to achieve my goal?

Just adding eth2 to br-lan should work. I don't remember in that version of LuCI but there is an option where you can add or remove interfaces to the bridge.
Also, remember to manually restart the LAN interface after that.

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Thanks, I didn't think of the easiest solution. Exactly what I wanted to achieve :slightly_smiling_face:

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