Twin IPV6 setup: one, other PPP from ISP

When talking about reducing MTU, I meant the logical interface wan and the layer 3 device pppoe-wan.

Whoopsie, my bad. Still, even with pppoe-wan at 1300, the connection doesn't work, traceroute has similar gaps and the HE tunnel endpoint must be manually updated.

I ran a different test today: I shut down the HE tunnel and the guest side of the switch, then I reconfigured the wan to enable IPV6 (still with MTU 1300 for IPV4) and tried the traceroute test: from the router, it looks "patchy" just like earlier tests.

From the desktop, I can ping both IPV4 and IPV6 with reasonable times but a simple apt-get would fail on some sources and ipv6-test fails to load completely. The ISP still says "reachability is only guaranteed for a few institutional sites", so it's obvious they don't give a flying f* and I should just give up ;(

Thanks to those who helped :slight_smile:

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