Tvheadend on OpenWrt 21.02.1 default login

I just installed the package tvheadend 4.2.8-5 and tryed to get access to the Web GUI with

I get asked to enter Username and Password, when I abort I can click on "Default Login" or "New Login" but it still asks me for a Username/Password.

I also tryed some Usernames like "root" or "admin" with the Password from Openwrt but i can not access at all to the WebGUI of Tvheadend

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I use TVheadend on a Raspberry Pi but also fancied trying to use on my router just to test and hit the same wall and couldn't workout what the login is

chown -R tvheadend /etc/tvheadend/
/etc/init.d/tvheadend restart
root@Router_LTE:~# chown -R tvheadend /etc/tvheadend/
chown: unknown user tvheadend

user is unknown??? do i need to add User tvheadend somwhere?

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disregard... that's from broken package permissions on master...

seems 21.02.1 has some alternate issues

So what to do now? Waiting for an Update of OpenWrt?

yeah... something like that... fair few fixes happened on master so without actually testing on 21.02.1, laymans guess would be to wait for fixes to trickle down...

(no idea if force/manual install of master binary will cut mustard probably not... but definately mv /etc/tvheadend /etc/tvheadend.old if you try it)