TV tuner over openvpn connection


I will go back to my native country country in the future and I have this crasy idea of leaving an energy efficient router at a friend's house for a private local internet access (something I did when leaving my native country) and with a tv tuner on the router for streaming over that remote connection. (btw I am a total newbie for tv tuners).

What type of "pocket" router or device (no wifi needed) and tv tuner combination would work? What skill set do I need? (like recompile a kernel?) . What module are needed? I have already have 2 routers that are satisfactory to me for openvpn connections: gl.inet-ar750s & but are they enough for the job? Can the tv-tuner be turned on/off remotetly?

thanks in advance.

Which TV technology do you have in mind? DVB-T? DVB-S?

I use "tvheadend" for TV access within the home, although not on OpenWrt - but a "tvheadend" package seems to be available.

For streaming TV over the VPN, it might have to be transcoded. Transcoding uses a significant amount of processing power that a consumer router simply doesn't have. So depending on your requirements, you might be looking at more powerful / more specialized hardware with transcoding support.

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On both energy efficiency and speed, I’d recommend using wireguard instead of OpenVPN.

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DVB-T for sure to avoid subscription and the more local the broadcast the more pertinent for my intended use.

That would be a problem I guess. I could use the low-res broadcast only to reduce the bandwidth. There were discussions in old thread about using USB over net but this functionality seems to have been abandonned over the years.

Advice taken, I really need to study this but I haven't figured out how to configure wireguard properly on routers that are pure servers within a lan.

It’s fairly straightforward. When you have a config for is to review, we can help get it working.

DVB-T2, at least around here, seems to max out around 4 MBit/s per channel (not bouqet) in practice (DVB-S2 up to ~14-15 MBit/s), that might not necessarily need transcoding, if the uplink at your intended location is good (and reliable-) enough.

I've been rather happily using vdr (on Debian/unstable and x86_64) for DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 over the last two decades in my (W)LAN, but I've never tried it over VPN (should work fine, but I just don't have the bandwidth and even less the traffic quota when I'm elsewhere).

My setup involves three USB DVB-S2 tuners and tvheadend in a docker container. I've tried it several times over Wireguard at my other location: Once with the Kodi integration where no transcoding happens, but I had several dropouts and bufferings occur due to the limited bandwidth of my ISP connection. It worked flawlessly in the web interface the other times I tried, but the stream is transcoded at the server.

The docker container runs on my NAS, a custom build with an Intel J5005 CPU. Transcoding makes use of VA-API and is not overly CPU-intensive.

The hardest part was actually buying supported, stable and not overly expensive DVB-S2 tuners. I had to go with USB as the only PCIe slot of the mainboard is occupied by the SATA controller.

Be careful with terrestrial TV: Where I live, there is only DVB-T2 and most of the streams are encrypted.

And for the sake of completeness: I'm pretty sure it's legally not allowed to stream local TV abroad. This is something that you have to clarify for yourself.

Sadly that has become much harder in recent years, both the number of potential options (I just care about the free2air channels), their prices - and their mainline support status...

For DVB-S2 I'm using two (aiming at different satellites each) TeVii s480 (both over a decade old by now, and I wouldn't really have a potential replacement in mind), for DVB-T2 an XBox One DVB-T2 tuner.

and a cheap usb RTL2832U tuner
I use this to send tv to my kodi pc's
via an old ea45000 router tuner in it's usb port

In my country, these tuners can only be used for RTL-SDR. DVB-T has been shut down in favor of DVB-T2.

ok had to look it up
I'm in Australia
from what I can tell we use DVB-T but with MPEG4 we went 1/2 way

ok so for DVB-T2 you need the RTL2832P not the RTL2832U
I can't even tell with I have or if it would work

Thanks! I'll be looking into this next month or so when my schedule clears a bit.

I don't know if it's dvb-t or dvb-t2 in my part of Brasil (in the 3rd largest city) but for sure Internet is good and unlimited. Even the second class budget IPSs can sustain 25mb uplinks but my current fiber subscription can sustain 150mbs with very little jitter.

Thanks for sharing your setup. Look a bit of an overkill for what I want to do though: I am looking for minimal footprint and simplicity to connect to an existing lan. And yes, broadcasting abroad is not allowed in theory but I will keep paying taxes in both countries and it would be for personal and occsional use only.

I'll look into your suggestions. thks

Looks like this what I am looking for. This project is definitely looking more concrete. Tahks!

Looks like it's neither: ISDB-T. I've never heard about this before, but since it's not used in Europe...
Your choices for a tuner seem to be listed here.

Even more, i just learned that the standard is ISDB-TB, a "brazilianized" version of the Japanese standard!

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Thank you all for sharing your experiences and advice. I will be stuyding this in the coming days/weeks when chilling out from priority projects.

Buy iptv subscription on ali and have fun and don't bother with poor peering and other problems.

This was my plan B! :wink: but where is the fun in that? :rofl:

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