[Tutorial] Build OpenWrt with Multipath TCP

Your KB mentioned Set up SOCKS5 on v2ray config

Will VMess not work?

It will work, that's just an example I put there.

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I have the VPS set up with the openmptcprouter-vps script, and the shadowsocks on OpenWrt configured to use it, but I can't seem to get any internet traffic through the VPS. Is it supposed to work this way, or should I just set up a regular VPN server on a VPS?

OMR VPS script is heavily bloated, it sets up a lot of stuff that you won’t need.

Installing the MPTCP kernel, then setting up whatever VPN or proxy you’d like to use is what I’d recommend. Check the knowledgebase link on the main post.

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Can't seem to get Shadowsocks running on mine. Is it supposed to work with the provided script after providing the keys, or do I need to do some extra configuration?I have tried following this configuration guide: https://github.com/Ysurac/openmptcprouter/wiki/OpenMPTCProuter-configuration

Is this OMR firmware? If so, I can’t help. It’s out of the scope of the tutorial.

No, it's OpenWrt after following your tutorial.

That’s weird. This UI is supposed to be from luci-app-omr(*) package, did you install that?

Yes, I installed that LuCI app after trying the vanilla tutorial. I still have luci-app-mptcp and shadowsocks-libev installed though.

Has anyone tried this with the 21.02 branch or 21.02rc1 tag? I assume that would work?

BTW - I believe I'm running into that dbus commit that is causing issues. Anyone able to successfully build lately?

Since I'm building this in gitlab ci, I can't get the verbose level as it cuts off after a certain amount of log output.

hi. thanks for your tutorial.
It is possible to do the patches on an already installed system? because i would to install openmptcp on rooter build (modified openwrt oprimized for mbim lte/5g modems)

Hello. That's not possible.

Hi. Thanks for the tutorial @arinc9. It was very helpful in creating OpenWrt image with MPTCP patch.

Now I have a server with MPTCP kernel enabled and Shadow Socks installed. I'm also able to connect to shadow socks on server form the OpenWrt router.

How do I configure bonding in my router to bond two WAN sources? How should I start with it? Could you point me to some resources ?

The mptcp & mptcpd packages are supposed to automatically bond links, set up the routing table, etc. Fullmesh path manager you enable on the kernel with the tutorial automatically creates subflows for the links on your router. For manual configuration, you can take a look here:


Hi arinc I'm building openwrt with both openmptcp and rooter modifications, i have another question:
If I make only the kernel patch during the build process, after the installation is possible to install all the packages needed? I would to use the rooter luci interface and setup openmptcprouter through terminal

You can include any packages you need in the image by make menuconfig. MPTCP patches will be applied automatically. You don't need to install them separately.

Hi arinc, what packages I need for use Sock5 (SSH+v2ray)?

I updated the guide to include the package for v2ray.

I have added details for OpenWrt-21.02.0-rc3. I was able to compile it successfully. Huge part of the tutorial is changed for the better, maybe you should try again with the new steps.

Hi Arinc9,
I want to setup the mptcp base on openwrt, I already compile the firmware with mptcp and v2ray.
And also setup the VPS by openmptcprouter's VPS script.
But could you give some hints about how to setup the v2ray ? OMR almost cover every vpn setting.
So maybe could you provide some key item snapshot of your v2ray setting ?
Thanks a lot.