Turris Omnia vs. GL-iNet routers for security

I'm looking for a flexible VPN travel router, so my biggest priorities are security and privacy. I've narrowed my choices down to these two vendors mainly because both offer automatic updates for their routers, which is of course a necessity for security.

Which would you suggest? The omnia costs literally 10x more than say the GL-AR300M, and I don't need things like 2GB of RAM or Wireless-AC (AC might even be a bad thing if it means using proprietary drivers), so I'm leaning towards a GL-iNet router. But if there's some killler security feature for the omnia that I haven't heard of then I might get the omnia instead.


both use their own "custom" version of openwrt, so if your main concern is privacy (VPN) and security (updates) you should check if devices can be flashed with official openwrt firmware. "custom" firmware and proprietary gui (like gl.inet's) are not privacy and security friendly for me :slight_smile:

This is a good point, but can official openwrt perform automatic updates?

AFAIK no, but you can subscribe here or here to have a notice for security advisories and you can simply update your system in no time with new image download and flash without loosing your settings and/or configuration or just update specific package from web ui, most of the time openwrt is ahead of all other ''custom" builds.

That's great, thank you. Can I really update through the web ui without doing any shell stuff?

And, why hasn't OpenWrt implemented automatic updates? It sounds like it should be simple enough if it can be done through the web ui. Has anyone written a bash script for this?

yes, you can update/flash firmware and/or single/multiple packages and/or create/restore configuration backup all from webui.

consider that in most cases you need to flash only major releases or update a package for security concerns every few months maybe? so you should not worry to much :slight_smile: .