Turris Omnia status

What is status of porting OpenWRT/Lede to Turris Omnia router, is it coming/possible?

You can see the support status of devices in the ToH (filtered for Turris Omnia).

the ToH points at the openWRT forums (which are dead and this thread was not

so that does not really answer the question on status.

Daivd Lang

Looks like there has been recent activity on master -- this being the first commit matching "omnia" in git log master

commit 2737cea0bb117013875ee33916bb4b9deae9ea47
Author: Rosen Penev <rosenp@gmail.com>
Date:   Wed Jun 6 18:22:28 2018 -0700

    ethtool: Update to 4.16
    Tested on Turris Omnia (mvebu).
    Signed-off-by: Rosen Penev <rosenp@gmail.com>

Rudimentary support for Turris Omnia was added a few months ago

mvebu: add support for Turris Omnia
Sat, 10 Mar 2018 03:15:21 +0300 (01:15 +0100)

The commit gives detailed flashing advice.

Sounds like Turris Omnia is not fully supported. Probably @neheb could tell more, as the ethtool commit quoted above is from him and there is at least one more Turris specific commit from him in the mvebu changelog.

Or you could have looked at the other 2 links (Device Page and Device Techdata) in the ToH. You would have discovered that the firmware exists:


I am using openwrt in my Turris Omnia and only have troubles with vlan:

PS: leds and fiber are not supported.

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The question was:

The ToH shows you that Turris Omnia has snapshot support (with all its implications), which means:

  • is it possible: yes, it is possible!
  • is it coming: it is already there!

Therefore: Question answered.


Omnia works just fine for me. LEDs are not supported as it needs a custom driver.

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Is there some docs how to install?

Installation instructions are included in the git commit which added support for the Omnia: https://git.openwrt.org/?p=openwrt/openwrt.git;a=commit;h=9f3f61a0d968fbe7b93899f948f3c34612683ba6

I'm running OpenWrt 18.06-rc1 on a Turris Omnia. Everything's working apart from the LEDs (they light up white and the dimming button works, but that's all, since the Linux driver wasn't merged and needs rework) and the SFP connector (I have no use for it yet). The DSA switch driver also needs work, the Omnia has two CPU uplink ports and only one of them is being used at the moment.
Aside from these (IMHO very minor) limitations, vanilla OpenWrt is a thousand times better/lighter than Turris OS for my typical use case (home router/gateway).

How about upgrading OpenWRT, does it need anything special or can you upgrade via Luci?

Nothing special needed, just upgrade normally via LuCI. I did it myself, upgraded my Omnia from the official 18.06-rc1 to a custom buildimage.

Just to note that you lost kresd resolver, which is not in openwrt repo (yet).

In other words, nothing of value was lost.

I'm using the 18.06rc1 turris omnia release.
It seems to work ok, except for wireguard. When I set up a wireguard connection I get no connection and no
error messages. The same setup works fine on various Linksys (WRT32X, WRT3200ACM, etc.) with the same release of OpenWRT and wireguard. I haven't spent much time trying to debug it, but I suspect the problem is
in openWRT and not wireguard.
Has anyone else tried wireguard on a Turris Omnia running openWRT?
If/when I have more details to report, I will post here and on the wireguard list.

I also don't get wireguard working on my turris omnia with 18.06rc1.
With tcpdump I can see that there are incoming packets. And also the counter for the allow-input firewall rule increases.
But wireguard says there never was a handshake...

Please open a new topic for any issues related to 18.06rc1.


Could be a DSA related issue.