Turris Omnia or alternative?

well (Happy new year! btw) I wouldn't call a 10 years old hw anemic :slight_smile:
it's just not up to date :slight_smile: for things like cake - 10 years ago it was just a nice research project.
I think there are still forum users including me that believe cake is unneeded for symmetric gigabit connections and having the horsepower to handle that it's still awesome after all this time.
Then again maybe it's just me trying to justify hanging on to things like my omnia :slightly_smiling_face: as the current price the're asking for it new is almost insane but in the used it still worth if you can find it around 50 euros.


Yesterday i was bored to this level that i've got im my hands old silicon utm based on atom n450 and two gig ddr2, with four intel gigabit nics , flashed newest openwrt to cf card , tested nat - over 920Mbps nat with some room for heavier load like torrenting etc. Set up sqm to 350/10 and without problem worked great. So ? For sqm on x86 there is no need for very big CPU power on openwrt. On the pfsense way there will be a little bit more need need for power if some traffic shapeing would be done. But this traffic shapeing have sense only if You have low upload speed whwn compare to download speed. In the other way i've bought last time bpi-r4 and i can tell that this board is a beast ! Near line hardware nat, awesome 10gig sfp+ ports, nvme port, wifi 7 module soon. This is madness!

Whether one "needs/wants" cake/fq_codel or not is indeed a policy decision every admin needs to make for their own network and use-cases. It is ever only going to be helpful if a link is actually saturated (independent of the link capacity) and then it depends on how well one's upstream already controls queueing delay and how sensitive one is towards such queueing delay.
Generally the likelihood of saturation diminishes with increasing link capacity, but mostly because people do not tend to increase their use as much as their capacity when upgrading :wink:

That said, I consider my omnia (like the wndr3700v2/ath79 I had before) as a pretty sweet design that lasted for roughly a decade (and for mr still lasts, but I am on an 100/40 Mbps link) much longer than I had any right to expect. And also I would not recommend to buy the current model for the current price (and if bought second hand I would be hesitant due to the eMMC memory that might be quite degraded depending on the usage).

Advanced users can buy any small ssd and boot from there so not the end of the road for the omnia

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The omnia's SFP cage is connected at 2.5 Gbps, and you can use 2G5 Ethernet with compatible SFP modules like the turris branded one. However no single device connected to the router will be able to use all of that at once, as the LAN ports are 1 Gbps only, and the WiFi alone can also not generate enough net throughput.

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