Turris Omnia OpenWrt 19.07.2 Wifi Performance

Has anyone used OpenWrt on the Turris Omnia, and if so, did you experience issues with Wifi performance?

Both wireless interfaces are configured to transmit an output power set to driver defaults.

I've seen threads regarding adjusting the wireless interfaces' driver settings. Are there any recommendations to improve the Wifi performance for my Omnia? Thanks.

have you activate the WMM feature ?

Out of curiosity, what is are your reasons for not using the turris omnia OS?

@Doppel-D For now, it's just experimentation and to learn a bit more about the OpenWrt OS. Turris OS has a lot to offer. It's a great OS, and the community provides a lot of support. I wish I knew how to implement some of the features it has on my own in OpenWrt. For example, the SSH Honeypot. I think that's such a cool concept.

@erdoukki Yes, WMM is enabled.