Turris Omnia: Firmware upgrade is not implemented for this platform

I would like to install OpenWRT on my Turis Omnia. According to the device page, regular sysupgrade should work. Sysupgrade gives the following error: Firmware upgrade is not implemented for this platform.

root@turris:/tmp# sysupgrade -v openwrt-18.06.2-mvebu-cortexa9-turris-omnia-sysupgrade.img.gz
Firmware upgrade is not implemented for this platform.

Turris firmware is 3.11.2 and all packages are up to date.
Any advice? Thanks.

You are now running Turris OS, so have you asked help on their forum?
They have made a their system based on an old OpenWrt version, but some of the hardware related tools are their own.

Looking at the Turris related commits may also help you.

Especially this commit that added Turris support to OpenWrt in 2018, contains rather clear advice for flashing:

But I am not sure if the things have got easier since then. (may depend on changes in Turris OS)

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The device page mentions the upgrade using medkit as well. Looks like the first upgrade to OpenWRT needs a bit more effort.

Will give it a try.

Using a USB stick I was able to boot omnia-medkit-image and log in over the net.
sysupgrade killed the ssh-session immediatly and since then, the device seems to be in some odd state.

Ist starts quickly and the WAN port is active (LED is blinking). Resetr/eboot using the medkit-image soes not work anymore :frowning:

Try to restore to TurrisOS first, make sure that the USB stick ist working and not formated in NTFS for example. Also, there is an extensive wiki page, no need to look into commit messages.

MY Turris Omnia seems to be in some recovery state. It requests AC1203B9.img over tftp. No matter what file I serve, it always resorts to that state.

I now also aksed for help on the Turris forum.

Thanks fpr the support an help.

Got a serial cable. Had to fix bootenv. And was able to properly flash a new image.

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