Turris Omnia: After sysupgrade overlayfs partition only 100M

Hi, I'd appreciate help. I have a turris omnia router with supposedly 8GB flash, but with openwrt 21.02, my overlay fs partition is just 100M in size after upgrading!

I upgraded from 19 to 21 using the sysupgrade image using the LuCi system with Settings Preserved. I cannot remember the overlayfs partition size before the upgrade, but I never had space constraint up until now.

The device seemingly runs normally and without problems, the size of the root partition is just very small, which seems unhealthy. So I asked in the chat and gathered some information based on their tips. I included the complete /proc/mtd0 which includes 173 error message in it. I have no idea if this is normal after a sysupgrade or not. (I have another openwrt 21.02 device that has not been upgraded and only has like 12 errors in it, so I thought I better include the whole thing)

Once again, help is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance.

PS: I have included a lot of information in the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/ZXB6F2Pt

Due to the change from swconfig to DSA in version 21.0.x, configurations are not upgradeable for the following targeted devices...

ath79 (only TP-Link TL-WR941ND)
mediatek (most boards)
ramips (mt7621 subtarget only)

Your device is an mvebu.

Since you kept your configs, do a reset and re-configure from scratch.

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@mdzprocter I'm not sure who sent you on the fool's errand of probing /dev/mtd0 (and running strings /dev/mtd0 | grep -i error on it), since that contains your bootloader. Thats a read-only partition.

As @anon89577378 pointed out your device uses DSA as of 21.02 so you should at least wipe /etc/config/network prior to upgradiing from 19.07.

BTW, an online search on your issue points me right to this topic:

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