Turning LEDs OFF in the evening and then back to how they were in the morning

Sup. I've figured out crontab and how to use it, but I don't get this: when I use echo to change my green:lan's trigger to none and then back to netdev, it won't behave like it did before I changed it. If I tweak some LED settings in LuCI and then save (while not mesing with green:wan), it comes back to normal. I guess I also have to change some settings that (probably?) get reset when I change it to none but I don't think I'll be able to figure this out without your help.

see what would happen, if you'd restart the led service in the morning, instead of manually trying to restore the LED settings.

Is it okay that it's stopped right now though? LEDs are behaving as regular. If it is then I'll try restarting it

weird it's stopped, if it's enabled though, but yeah, go ahead.

So it's supposed to be running?

it might be a one off, not something that constantly runs, since there's a
S96led in /etc/rc.d, but no K??led.

which would explain why it's enabled, but not running.
ultimately, you can always read the init.d led script :wink:

haven't looked in to it, tbh, the LED configuration (or misconfiguration) isn't
a big issue for me :slight_smile:

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After reading this it struck me that I don't really care about them being on at all, so I guess I'll just turn them off altogether.

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