Turning a Raspberry Pi 3 into a WiFi Router

I’m working on a project and want to make a router off of my Verizon router. Basically I have three RPi 3s, two are separate web servers (haven’t figured out how to put two sites on one Pi) and the third is my LEDE router. I’d like to try and use the router as a wireless router to port forward 80 and 81 to the two boxes as this is not possible on my Verizon router (routing more than one HTTP port at a time).

Is there a basic setup I should look at or am I just making this more complicated than is needed?

HTTP is another layer on top of TCP. In other words, to a router, someone reading web pages from a web server is a TCP connection. So you should be able to forward ports 80 and 81 (TCP) in your Verizon router.

Might need a tad more detail here. Are you planning to put the Verizon router in bridge mode? I'm assuming that the Verizon device is a router/modem combo. How are the four devices going to be connected to each other -- Ethernet all around? In order to do port forwarding it would be best for the LEDE router to have an actual public IP on the WAN side, otherwise you have to port forward from the Verizon box to the LEDE box and then to your webserver do-able but not ideal. What's the plan for WiFI then?


Thank you all. I wasn’t thinking this through when I wrote it- using Nginx I needed to do some server block work, change four lines of code, and BAM! Nonetheless it’s good to know people will actually get back to those of us who haven’t a clue on here.

Again, thanks. :+1: