Turning a Linksys SPA922 IP-Phone into a smart-speaker / phone?

I have some old Linksys SPA922 IP-phones that I am using with a pbx at home. I have been thinking of a way to turn them into a set of smart speakers/phones. Then the hardware can be more useful, and I have no need to buy smart speakers aswell. I was looking for a way to rewrite the firmware when I came across openWRT. Is it theoretically possible to install openWRT on the phones and then use them as phones and be able to stream music to them and have other smart speaker functionallity? I would be greatful for ideas or a point in the right direction.

That will be too much of an effort to put in. If your PBX is Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, or YATE, perhaps you can configure it to call your SPA922 IP-Phone (which has been configured to answer any incoming call with a speaker phone) and stream the music audio?

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