Turn off option for x86 device?

Router device can't be shutdown but x86 device can. So I want to know if there is any option. If not then any plugin to do it?

Doesn't /sbin/poweroff do the job?

halt works for me.

On modern linux, halt (really just shutting services down without actually switching off) and poweroff tend to behave differently (although I haven't checked busybox' halt in ages), that's why I always prefer poweroff.

Same here, but I noticed shutdown wasn't available on stock openwrt, but halt was, and worked.

You need to support ACPI or some other framework for that, and most non x86 architectures lack that. MIPS and ARM have been designed as always-on, kinda. Especially for networking hardware. Halt will stop the SoC, but it will not cut power like ACPI will do on x86.

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This appears relevant
Power off / Shutdown

Among other good discussion, there is a Luci app for that.