Turn off internet LED on Asus RT-AX53U


I'm looking to add turn off all LEDs on my RT-AX53U (running 23.05).
I am able to turn off all LEDs except internet LED (see attached pic).

ls /sys/class/leds/
blue:power  blue:usb    mt76-phy0   mt76-phy1

I don't see internet LED listed here. How can I control this LED?

What does LuCI System/ LED Configuration->Add LED action show?


Unfortunately only power, usb and wifi 2,4G/5G leds are configurable, I dont see any choise for wan led to be present.
You can however check from ssh the folder
to see which leds are configurable in your device

Despite the icon, looks like that is now the 'power' LED.

Look through all the LEDs for 'internet connected' or something to that effect.

No power LED is different from this.
I can turn on the power LED by address blue:power.

Please look at the other LEDs for the 'Internet' option.

Your snip, clearly, shows it is tagged as 'power' so maybe 'IC' is somewhere else..

Include looking at 'Triggers'.