Turn Fritzbox into travel router


I would like to use my Fritzbox 7362SL as a travel router.

When traveling, I would like to connect the Fritzbox then to LAN connections (hotel, vacation home, etc.). The Fritzbox should then build a VPN tunnel to home and route all clients that are connected to the Fritzbox through it.

I have installed OpenWRT 22.03.4 on the Fritzbox. As guide I wanted to follow the dumpap guide, but there the WAN port of the AP router (i.e. my Fritzbox) is not used. Instead, the LAN port of the AP router is given a fixed IP in the subnet of the main router. But this does not work for me, because I do not know the subnet of the main router before.

According to my understanding the IP of the AP router should be variable. So I configured the WAN port of the Fritzbox as DHCP client and connected it to my home network. But this does not work. I then get no Internet via the Fritzbox and in OpenWRT it says for the WAN: Network device is not present.

Can you please help me? How do I proceed?

This device does not have an Ethernet WAN port. The grey DSL port can only be used to connect to a DSL line.

You need to remove one of the LAN ports from the br-lan bridge (in the "Devices" tab in the LuCI web interface). Then you can configure the WAN interface to use that LAN port instead of dsl0.

It's not a great choice for this purpose either (could be worse, though), as the SOC is rather slow and wireless limited to a single 2.4 GHz/ 802.11n 2x2 radio. ipq40xx mesh satellites or the DAP-X1860 would perform way better.

Now I have already bought it. Couldn't you have said that earlier? :smiley:

Which stationary cheap router can you recommend for Openwrt?