TunSafe VPN with OpenWrt Wireguard - Key inquiry


I was on the TunSafe VPN website having a lot of trouble setting up Wireguard with OpenWrt. I noticed some things that may be of interest to those choosing to use them as a VPN provider:

  • Their website notes that the generated keypair and/or the pair generated when you provide your key - don't leave the browser; but that's impossible because they have to setup a VPN peer on their server (unless the generated CONF files are all just random IP/Key pairs).
  • I am unable to get a hansdhake when I provided my own generated Private Key
  • Providing my own generated Public Key in the space provided also results in no handshakes
  • I can only use a Keypair generated by TunSafe's website!!!
  • This seems to mean that they only offer a solution where you're required to share your Private Key with them.

Can anyone confirm this?