Tunneling through WLAN

So I've been researching on delivering two subnets though wireless, and since it's mostly impossible for one interface to connect to two SSIDs in STA mode, I've redirected my thoughts to tunneling.

I'm looking for general ideas to see if my understanding is correct, haven't figured out the exactly steps but:

  1. First I ruled out wireguard, for it's been said that wireguard has to always be on its own subnet, not possible to merge into an existing one;

  2. Openvpn seems possible and mature, but the complexity and performance penalty might be prohibitively high, I have no idea how it would run on devices like R7800 and EX6400;

  3. That leaves PPPOE, I've only used it to connect to ISP in front of NAT, as I'd like to pass the subnet as is without adding another layer of NAT, what would be the appropriate approach, bridge PPPOE with an SSID? Relayd?

Please let us know if anyone has tried anything like this. Thank you.

In the past I tunneled several VLANs over a single WLAN connection, using GRE tunnels. In my post history there should be a post wuth step by step instructions.


Thank you, I'll go and try it.

Very much thanks to your suggestion I've successfully set up gretap and the extender now has access to the 2nd LAN using these commands:

on A, ip link add tunnel type gretap remote
/sbin/ip link set tunnel up

and on B, ip link add tunnel type gretap remote
/sbin/ip link set tunnel up

using the ip command from ip-full, after installing and loading gre mods, and then adding the tunnel interface on each machine to the corresponding bridges.

Now I'd like for these to sustain reboot, so the choices are 1, rc.local, and 2, @reboot in cron. What I think is it'll need to bring up the interface after finish loading the gre modules otherwise gretap won't be ready, so where's the correct place to put the commands, rc.local or cron?

A huge thanks for suggesting GRE, I never though it could be this straightforward.

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OpenWrt has native support for GRETAP, but maybe you know that


Thank you!

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