TTYD window not working in luci

I just added ttyd + luci support in this weekend's snapshots of both Linksys EA8300 and my new NanoPi R2S and I cannot get the terminal window to show so I can access terminal via web.

I installed same on MR8300 running EA8300 10.07.4 and it works fine.

Can anyone assist in solving issue ?

Upon clean reinstall I get the following message when installing ttyd vi luci :

Required dependency package librt is not available in any repository.

Any clue anyone ?

It seems the issue occurs with snapshots, once luci-ssl is installed, if I don't install luci-ssl, my EA8300 snapshot works fine.

Also, it seems the luci-ssl breaks the OpenWrt2020 Theme, some parts give XML parsing errors.

Any thoughts on fixing lusi-ssl ?
I installed following, paragraph 2. :

Maybe I am missing something here ?
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Yes, installing luci-ssl [seems to have] installed another encryption package.

Any ideas that can assist me ?

I confirm the problem. I remember that it work if you use http instead https. When you star to use https login , TTYD stop to work. But i don't know why sorry.

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Take a look at the config tab. If you are using SSL, then you are using https to access the web interface. In such case you have to enable SSL box in the config tab of the web ttyd. Upon providing the path to cert, key, and CA files, web terminal should work using https access. Take a look at this:

Basically, it is as easy as activating the SSL box in the ttyd config tab and use the same cert and key files you used in uhttpd, leaving the CA field empty.

Note you will have to add the server cert to the trusted root certs bin.