Trying to use router with OpenWrt as additional router

I'm not exactly sure how the thing that i'm trying to achieve is called, Dumb AP is close, but i need to do the same thing with Ethernet, i disabled firewall, dhcp and dns. I'm able to connect to the internet and my main router when i choose "Obtain an IP address automatically" in the settings of ethernet adapter on my PC, but when i manually input there some ip address and is the ip of the second router with openwrt) as default gateway and apply, then i'm only able to access second router with openwrt, but don't have internet access or access to my main router, how can i fix this?

You've already answered your own question. Let your PC obtain an IP address automatically.

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nah, i fixed it right after i posted this, i'm pretty dumb and put second router on the different subnet, when i put it on the same subnet with first router everything started working.

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