Trying to update a ZBT WE826 T (beginner)

Hello to all, I have purchased a ZBT WE826-T and I am trying to update the firmware. It is running 19.1101(2019-11-01 23:35:31 at the moment. When I try to load the update it comes back with an error of "incorrect model". I have tried all three version available. I have did this after doing a factory reset and still no luck. Any help or suggestions is welcome.
Thank you.

You are (not the first) victim of a silent functional change of openwrt, here it is the verification of hardware, done in the sysupgrade process.
Be brave, log into the router, and use "sysupgrade -v -n -F firmware.bin"
(firmware.bin to be replaced by the the correct firmware name.)
However, the other method is to use the web-based firmware update procedure, the WE826 has built into the boot system.

I can only log into the router via the web page or PUTY ss a TELNET client. I was never a programmer so I am a little lost with the telnet connection. Trying the SSH connection connects but the session times out as being "ignored". any ideas for a better client? I am using Windos-10. When I was working I worked on the set-up and config on cisco routers. These were the big network family and had a little better user interface on them. Sort of lost on the small personal style of routers. :slight_smile:
Thganks for you help.

Here you find description, how to flash a new firmware image to the WE826:

This is the procedure provided by the boot loader.
You need to flash the ...sysupgrade.bin, as you have openwrt already on the device.