Trying to rollback my firmware on linksys wrt1200ac to earlier OpenWrt release

I am trying to rollback my openwrt firmware to r17.01.1 and have selected the correct file here . However, when I upload it I get the below error message:

I've tried searching to determine if there exists a wrt1200ac other than v1 and v2 which are both caiman to no avail and wanted to know if this error is simply due to a change in naming convention for the same router and so its ok for me to go ahead and upgrade.

I own a wrt1200 v1 (you’re right that there’s only v1 and v2) and this is common, I can’t remember the specific reason why force upgrade is needed now, but it’s safe to do on the wrt1200 v1 and v2. 19.07.3 is working fine on my wrt1200 though, so if you’re having problems you might try resetting first so you can stay on 19.07.3 and have the latest security updates. Also, if you do rollback from 19.07.3 it’s probably best not to save settings, things may have changed enough between releases so far apart that might break configs.

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