Trying to modify LuCI, no /usr/lib/lua folder

Hey everyone,

This is probably a dumb question but I can't figure this out.
I am following this guide and, from my understanding, we can edit LuCI directly from a OpenWRT install.

However, I can't find this /usr/lib/lua/luci directory. Am I missing something?
I am using OpenWRT 23.05.0, running on a Omega2Pro.

On 23.05:

# opkg files luci-lib-base
Package luci-lib-base (git-23.299.79743-7413270) is installed on root and has the following files:

It appears I didn't have this package installed. Now these directories appear.

But I have a question, How did LuCI work if I didn't have these files? And will modifying these files result in LuCI being modified as well?

LuCI doesn't use lua by default any more. It is nowadays JavaScript and ucode based. (Since October 2022, so 23.05 is the first non-lua release)

Only some old packages that have not yet been converted to JS are still using lua. If you have no old-fashioned packages in your build, there is no need for lua (and that library).


I see... so that explains a lot. Thank you for this info!

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