Trying to install SQM Cake

I have an old D-Link DIR-645 router.
I have been wanting to install SQM cake, but whenever I try the command opkg install kmod-sched-cake, ssh tells me that there is no such package and it just shows an error. Can someone help me with this?

Did you run the command below first?

opkg update

Yes, I have. I’ve also installed luci-app-sqm.

Then you should have everything working. Are you seeing any issues?

I just don’t see “cake” under queuing disciplines. Only:

I tried to add the package manually. But it just cant find kmod-sched-cake.

Available at

Which version of Openwrt/LEDE you are using?

cake should be available in 17.01.4 and later versions.
But not in 15.05.x

Yes, cake is in 17.downloads 01.4 for your router:

(the firmware itself is available in )

I got my software from here. Downloaded the Firmware OpenWRT Install.

Stupid question: is it worth using SQM if you have 100/100Mbit fully symetrical FTH connection?

Depends on your net usage.

If you just browse net, you will likely see no benefit as there is free bandwidth in any case.

But if you fully consume the bandwidth for file downloads/uploads, it makes sense to have SQM active.

Having SQM active in any case should not hurt you too much, assuming that your router CPU is powerful enough compares to that bandwidth.

Well, the reason why I wanted SQM with cake in the first place was because every time my wife gets home from work, her phone automatically connects to the wifi and giving me some really bad ping spikes. Even though I do have 200 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up, this occurs every night, like I said, when my wife comes home from work.

So, I'm not totally sure what I'm doing wrong. I must have reinstalled OpenWRT using this 3 or 4 times.

SQM with fq_codel will probably serve your needs. Your router isn't fast enough to shape the 200mbps down bandwidth you have, but it should do the 20mbps up you have. More than likely, your wife's phone is initiating an upload when it hits the home wifi (backup or photo upload perhaps) that is maxing out your upload bandwidth. SQM will help keep latency low under this load.

Thank you so much for replying.