Trying to install OpenWrt for the first time

I have the modem ZXHN F660 at my house which not even close to a good modem I belive and due to the pandemic trying to get another version my internet provider said its not possible or it'll take a long time since their stuff is limited and prioritizing people having issues rather than looking for upgrades (government internet provider..) it is what it is.

I've looked on the compatible units and my model is not there but there are others from ZTE (the manufacturer) on the list.

I'm a little hesitant on downloading the program as I'm afraid it might mess my connection and I need this running as I work at home.

Pretty much the reason I wanted to download the program and got to this is that I play a video game (Path of Exile) and I'm getting a lot of spikes where the traffic is very heavy due to doing content that's very demanding. I've been playing for many years and lately it's gotten worse than usual.

I tried the DSL report and on BufferBloat I have "D" mark. That's how I kept researching and finally got here.
What should I do? Do I give a shot at this or it's dangerous not being on the list of compatible devices my modem?

Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!

If your model is not in the supported devices list, you cannot install OpenWrt. Most likely it simply won't be possible to load the firmware into the device via the standard methods, but if you force it, you will almost certainly brick your device.

Your best bet is to buy a device for which OpenWrt support is available. Since you said that the ISP cannot offer you a replacement unit (due to the pandemic or other reasons), you may be able to find something suitable via normal retailers and/or on the used market. Just be sure that your ISP supports whatever you are looking to buy.


Or check if the ZXHN can be set in bridged mode, then you could hook up pretty much any router you'd like to it.