Trying to install on DAP-1330

I'm trying to follow the guide but i'm having issues. I have the same problem as this thread: First time upload to D-Link DAP-1330 not working. They say to follow the instructions on the git page but i'm a bit confused. Do i need a serial cable to install openwrt on my device, and if so, would I have to get a serial to lan adapter as there is no visible serial port?

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You need to open up the router and use a usb to serial (UART) adaptor ( usually 3.3V) only connect TX RX and GND

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Do you know how to open it? I can't figure it out.

  • Screwdriver...?
  • Hammer...?

Hopefully this is all the help I need, can someone look at these pictures and tell me which pins i need to connect my adapter to?

Either this:


Or this:


Really sorry if this is a dumb question but how do I know which pins are which (TX RX GND)

The commit message states the following:

  • 4 pin on pcb (looking from eth port and from left to right tx,rx,gnd,vcc)
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Thank you so much!

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