Trying to get multiple wireless SSIDs to run through OpenVPN (19.07.7)

I am trying to get my LinkSys WRT 3200ACM router with OpenWRT 19.07.7 configured to be able to have 2 Wireless SSIDs (a 5GHz and a 2GHz SSID) in a DMZ (for port forwarding capabilities), while I was 4 to be running through OpenVPN to the commercial VPN I am using (2 will be in isolation mode for guests/untrusted devices, while 2 have access to my LAN).

I got pbr-iptables set up, and have currently 3 SSIDs off the VPN, while I have 1 that is on the VPN.

However, I am unable to add any other SSIDs to the VPN. If I change my vpnlan interface to a bridge, it stops functioning. I've tried switching one of the SSIDs over to the vpnlan interface too, and that didn't work.

I have 2 separate subnets - one for off the VPN, and one for on, and I have sttic routing allowing the two to communicate between each other.

I can provide configs (scrubbed) as needed, but I'm hoping someone can just point me in the direction of how to deal with this simply.

Is there any specific reason you are still running 19.07? This version is long since EOL and unsupported, and it has many known security vulnerabilities.

Your device is supported with the latest version of OpenWrt (23.05):

I wish I could but I haven't been able to migrate yet because of all of the configurations/plugins/etc that I have on the router.

It is likely possible to do -- now might be a good time to look into the process.

Ok, did it. Not pleasant. Did not go smoothly at all.

Not really solved, but switching to 23.05 changed the problem entirely. Therefore, this isn't really relevant any more.

Feel free to start a new thread describing the issues you're having with the new version and we'll try to help sort them out.

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