Trying to flash Huawei HG622u

Hello all

I'm new to this forum and openWRT. I'm trying to convert an old huawei HG622u into a bridge to have better wifi in my flat. So I went to this page: and downloaded the bin file.
I've also read this page: and proceeded with the steps. I take it that the factory.bin was a LEDE naming convention and does not apply. I used the file openwrt-18.06.0-brcm63xx-smp-HG655b-squashfs-cfe.bin from the aforementioned page and tried to upgrade the router through its maintenance function but.. to no avail? It tells me to wait 2 minutes for the firmware upgrade to complete, but then it reboots back into the standard firmware.. openwrt is not installed. Then again, its not bricked so I guess that's positive :wink:

Any takers on this?

Flashing through the OEM GUI does not work.
For installation instructions see the devicepage