Trying to connect to Console on Fritz 1200

Hi all,

I've sucessfully installed 19.07.3 on my device, but as I've crashes and kind of logged myself out and I don't wanna reflash everytime while I setup wireguard...

I've added picture's to the wiki, but as I've not enough rights I'ld wish one one of you could add them fully to the article...

TOH - AVM Fritz Repeater 1200

I'm not yet entitled to post two pic's

You can see the header Pin's I've added, but I couldn't figure out how to connect to the device. I've an old PL2303 UART Adapter but hope to get some hint's how to find the correct pin's.

Please see :slight_smile:

Thank you for working on the wiki article.

Have you tried Failsafe Mode?

Thanks, used the mediamanager to upload the pics and even though search didn't wanna find em I added them to the wiki article manually typing the URL..

Sure, this is how opensource works :wink:

Didn't try failsafe mode so far. First time I set it up it crashed after adding the wifi-wan, so I reflashed it using tftp and restored my dflt config. After adding the wifi-wan it locked me out, like setting up iptables falsely.

Thanks to your link and the " Voltmeter scheme" I think I found the correct pins but at the same time it seems I killed my TTL/USB converter.... Ordered a new and will report back after it arrived :wink: