Trying to build an image for TL-WR841N/WR841ND

Alright, next device:
I want to try building an OpenWRT or LEDE 19.x build for the TL-WR841N, with wpad-mini replaced for WPAD and possibly some small things removed.

I suppose the "PROFILE" is "Default"?

Getting this device updated or at least WPAD included, might become a harder job...

you should checkout @Ashus 's work on OpenWrt 21.02.x ath79 tiny LuCI

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... or at least try to reuse the recipe.

Thank you very much! That seems to be exactly what I am searching for + the normal threads to optimize the size are useful as well. :slight_smile:

@frollic I don't follow. What do you mean? Should I have used the other thread which was about another device??

we meant to use the "recipe" aka and modify as needed