Trying to build an image for DIR-600 B5E

I'm trying to rebuild the most recent LEDE-Image (17.x) I have for a DIR-600 B5E, but want to remove WPAD-wolfssl and add WPAD.

I tried to get Attended System Upgrade running as well as the Image-Builder (which already failed during preparation on the dependencies for some reason, using Ubuntu), but didn't succeed in either.

Is it possible to ask someone to build it for me, or help me out on how to build it?

Edit: Got the dependencies fixed. It required update&upgrade and python needs to have a "2" added behind it.

Let's see how far I get when I am back home, because I have to go out now for a few hours.

I succeeded in building the last official 17.01.7 as well as 19.07.9 LEDE with WPAD included for the DIR-600 B5E!

I would attach them, but suppose there is no way to upload them.
~78KB free memory left + opkg Package-Selection from LuCI + newer Kernel is quite a step!

If memory = flash, then you could probably leave out opkg....

Yeah, I thought about that but even the ~78KB of free storage (flash, not RAM) seem to be sufficient for normal operation as well as having space for some more small things.

The thing/image has everything I wanted and having LuCI-opkg-support to upload/install downloaded IPKs is very comfortable.