Trying to bridge two wifi APs

I have a WRT3200 and a WRT1900 and I want a configuration like this:

  1. WRT3200 is:
  • Gateway
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • Wifi
  1. 1900 is:
  • Connected to the 3200 via wifi
  • All dhcp, dns etc is from the 3200
  • 1900 is on the same subnet as the 3200
  • No wifi network offered

I settled on WDS client. I changed the 3200 to be WDS AP, changed the 1900 to be WDS client. Disabled DHCP, DNS, prevented loops etc. But it never seems to connect. I think it might have worked initially at one point, but then it didn't. Is my 3200 changing channels and my client isn't responding to that or something? Is there something I am missing?

I think it was this guide:

I just last week set up an old TP-WR703N I had in my tool box with an old dd-wrt image DD-WRT v24-sp2 (02/04/15) std - build 26138 and I configured it to work as a remote client off my OpenWRT router. The OpenWRT is configured as a standard router and I set up the 703n's configuration of DD-WRT as an "Client Bridge (Routed)" and with that just did a Status, Wireless, Site Survey and a Join while picking my local network. My laptop is plugged in the LAN port of the 703N and ipconfig shows I have via ethernet adapter, all the same configuration info as seen when using the laptop wireless adapter to connect. So I am bridged to my local LAN using this router as a client with the OpenWRT as gateway, 703n as a bridged client and with a client address assigned from the DHCP of the house OpenWRT router. From my laptop connected with only a LAN running to the 703n, I can even get to the IP of the dd-wrt via it's default address (x.1.1).

Now if you can find out how to do that instead using OpenWRT as a client and with as few easy steps, I'd also be interested.

OK, this is not actually bridging. Because with an Atheros Chip, you would simply associate to the 3200's as STA; then connect it in a bridge (e.g. br-lan) with an AP SSID.

:spiral_notepad: (This does not work with Broadcom WiFi chips.)

:bulb: Yes, the upstream WiFi has to be configured for a set channel - or you will experience the issues described (i.e. AP SSID goes down until STA SSID re-associates). In addition, a non-DFS channel should be considered if 5.4 GHz is being used.

Okay I actually realized that that is the issue, it will initially connect but when my main router changes channel it must disconnect. Since I just have a printer on that AP I will just shut them both off and turn them both on when I need it. Thanks