Troubleshooting Whitelisting of Play Store App URL for Mobile Device Installation

Hey Everyone,

I'm facing an issue and could use some assistance. I'm trying to whitelist a specific Play Store app URL to allow installation on user mobile devices. However, directly adding the app URL to the 'uamallowed' variables doesn't seem to work.

I've followed the usual process of obtaining the package name from the Play Store URL and adding it to the 'uamallowed' variable. Unfortunately, this hasn't yielded the desired result. I'm unsure if there's a specific formatting or syntax that needs to be followed.

Has anyone encountered a similar situation or knows how to resolve this? I would greatly appreciate any guidance or suggestions to get this done correctly.

Thanks in advance!

How does this relate to OpenWrt? Are you using AGH or similar on an OpenWrt device?

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Yes, I am using OpenWRT device.

And the rest of the question?

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