Troubleshooting regarding speed drop in 2 wireless hops


We have made a setup where 2 openwrt modules (oolite v5.1-qca9531) are connected to each other via ethernet. each module is also wirelessly connected to other modules.

Here is a schema:


What happens is when communicating from A to D the network speed drops to 10mbs.

We understand this is a common mode problem, affecting multiple operating systems / firmware / hardware. What is the reason for this speed drop when going over 2 wireless hops?

Is there a workaround / solution?/

Any ideas, recommendations, and help greatly appreciated.

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Can A.

Channel 11 and channel 8 overlap; see

Consider shifting to channels 6.

at no place on my question, i indicate the channels i use. furthermore, we do not use 11 nor 8.

Your picture says "WIFI CH11" and "WIFI CH8".

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