Troubles with VLANs

Hello community!

I am currently working with a GL-B1300 and have got some issues I have never seen before with VLAN configurations.

So, I have VLAN 10 in my GL-B1300, and I have added the ip to my interface eth0.10 that was created when I added the VLAN 10. This network is meant for guests and from my own network ( I can ping this interface successfully. Now, I have a linux machine directly connected to the router, and for testing purposes I have added the vlan 10 and try to ping it.

So linux machine is and when I ping its gateway ( nothing happens. the port where it is connected is tagged, and the vlan interface in the linux machine is successfully created, here's the netplan file for this:

      dhcp4: true
      addresses: []
      accept-ra: no
      id: 10
      link: enp5s0
  version: 2

Do you happen to have a clue where to start to debug?


Your linux-machine and your gateway have the same ip-address?

VLAN10 is tagged on both sides?

For troubleshooting "tcpdump" on both sides is helpfull.

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Hello, thanks for pointing this out, but it was a mistake when posting, Gateway is set to (eth0.10 ip)

That being said, i haven't use tcpdump that often, do you have any command suggestions with tcdump I can try?

Also, I'm not sure if this affects my connectivity, but enp5s0 in my linux machine has an ip in the range, I imagine this does not affect my connectivity with VLAN 10, but I wanted to make sure.


If you followed the guide for guest network, the INPUT policy of the guest firewall zone is set to reject. That could explain the ping failure.

On your router you can use
tcpdump -i eth0 -tulpn -e vlan
to see, whether you receive correctly tagged frames from your linux machine.
And vice versa.