Troubles installing OpenWrt on Netgear R6220

Hi guys,

First time for me trying to install OpenWRT on my Netgear R6220. So far I have followed the steps at " Installation through telnet" ( I´ve made It to "telnet IP-address and login with “root” (default: admin - password)", i used Putty. But next step I dont know what to do, If i type in "/mnt/shares" I get the message "Permission denied". What´s wrong with that command? Should I do something else? Thankful for help.

ls /mnt/shares

is that a L or I?

That's a lowercase L.
Instead of typing everything, you should be able to copy&paste the commands.

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I use putty, and cannot copy paste. Is there any console in the Luci? I have´nt found any yet

Untrue. You can copy and paste into PuTTY.

Pressing the third (middle) button on the mouse pastes.


Is there a a web GUI...?

I'm not sure you understand that contradiction. There have been talks of an app that exposes the console...but you already have access via PuTTY, and I'm not sure that app is in the software repository.

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