Trouble with tp link tl-wr720n v1

hi everyone well i wanna install the openwrt frimware in my router its a tp link tl-wr720n(ES) ver1 but in the page i found only this:

TP-Link TL-WR720N v3 (CN) 17.01.4 tl-wr720n
TP-Link TL-WR720N v4 (CN) 17.01.4 tl-wr720n

obviusly says that the frimware its only compatible with 720n(CN) v3 and v4 soo my question is could i brick the modem if i try installing the frimware ? or it gonna work normali?

According to the wiki page, your device does only have 2 mb flash and 16 mb ram... This is not sufficient to run openwrt/lede.
Also 4 mb flash and 32 mb ram isn't that much fun with openwrt/lede.

soo obviusly if i do that im gonna brick my router right?

If you could flash a 3.5 mb image to a 2 mb flash then yes, but i donĀ“t think it will be possible with the web interface or with tftp recovery