Trouble with "Preformatted Test"

I am trying to mark code using preformatted text as in this post.

There are 2 sections, 1 top and the other bottom, where I have highlighted the entire block of text only to see that not all of it is formatted as desired. I also do not see any code characters like text . I manually typed this last code section here.

Easy solution: I added a newline after "Regarding the LEDS, here is the config from my OpenWrt config file (system)"

Some formattings only work when there's a newline/linebreak between the formatted text and the previous text.

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OK, so leaving a between the last line of text and the code seems to work.

It appears that the hand written tags text do not work reliably.

I find it odd there are no markup tags for the code element but there are for at least some others.