Trouble with CUDY WR2100

Hello, I got myself a CUDY WR2100 as it is compatible to flash OpenWRT.
I researched and arrived on this link.
There are two firmware and I understood I need to remove the signature check first. So I downloaded it and installed and I guess it soft bricked the device.

  1. Download OpenWRT Firmware to Remove Signature Check:
  2. Download OpenWRT Firmware:

I tried to follow the recover steps but the firmware to recover is no more available. Does someone have a copy of same? I also mailed the support team, hopefully to get something.

Was I wrong to flash the remove signature first? I am a bit lost.
Thank you.

hi @sk291

if you still have orignal CUDY openwrt file, you could recover with that bin

  1. turn off all firewall on your PC
  2. rename original cudy file to recovery.bin
  3. set your PC address to
  4. fire up tftpd32
  5. copy recovery.bin in tftpd folder
  6. turn ON cudy router while holding reset button

after few second, you should see transfer messages in tftpd32

at least, in theory :slight_smile:

edit: connect PC to any LAN port on Cudy

I did not do anything to save the original firmware as I read it was available on their site. I did not click before to check if it was up to date. :confused:

From where the device stands, should I be able to reset it and flash an openwrt image? The device does boot up but no wifi or ethernet.

lets start again
you downloaded openwrt file from cudy site ?

so you have this file in your downloads

use this file with instructions above

I downloaded and installed from the first link:

That is when the device booted up, but not accessible by wifi/ethernet.
Does it mean the openwrt firmware is already on the router?

since i does not know what you downloaded, i could not answer this question
in above link, there is NO wr1200 at the moment

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... and OpenWRT doesn't list the WR1200 as supported.

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Sorry, it was a typo. It is WR2100. This model:

I followed this and it is now up and running.
Thank you

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