Trouble with builds around Feb 5, 2023

Anyone having wireless issues with builds around today (Feb 5, 2023)? Built a fresh image for my Q-Hora 301w (ath11k) and my Redmi AX6000 (MTK 7986).

MTK issue was mt7986-wmac 18000000.wmac: Failed to start WA firmware.

ath11k issue was ath11k <something here, I didn't copy> failed to load board data file: -12 when trying to load board-2.bin. Built images for both fresh. 301w is still bricked. The Redmi AX6000 I was able to fix by copying my mtd partitions from my spare and flashing them over.

Anyone having similar problems?

Did you ever solve this? On my Banana PI BPI-R3 I get that symptom when certain USB-to-serial adapters are used due to a slight hardware incompatibility. Were you connected to the serial port when you saw this error?