Trouble Registering Private APN on Teltonika Rut955 with OpenWRT

I have an identical router thats running stock teltonika, works perfectly and it has the exact same apn configurations. I dont think its the apn configuration, but i might be wrong. Any suggestions of where to look or what for?

Can you send AT commands with the stock?
Will be good to see


<cid> should be 1 until you see another number active in the previous commands.

At least, I can register with wrong APN settings, on my RUT955, having EC25-EU. Wondering about it, quectel advised, that SIM can silently ignore it . Factory reset of modem, and flashing modem with recent firmware suggested.

echo "AT+CGPADDR" > /dev/ttyUSB3
+CGPADDR: 1,""
+CGPADDR: 2,","
+CGPADDR: 3,","

echo "AT+CGDCONT?" > /dev/ttyUSB3
+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","MYAPN","",0,0,0,0
+CGDCONT: 2,"IPV4V6","apn","",0,0,0,0
+CGDCONT: 3,"IPV4V6","apn","",0,0,0,1

echo "AT+CGCONTRDP=1" > /dev/ttyUSB3
+CGCONTRDP: 1,5,myapn,,,,

The APN Config is essentially the same but my OpenWRT router has IPv6 disabled. Or am i missing something?


+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","MYAPN","",0,0,0,0
+CGPADDR: 1,""


Usually it is up to the carrier to [not] ignore it

Thanks for checking.
What's the firmware version? Check with ATI
I remember having issues with MBIM while in QMI and ECM it was working properly. Give it a try - change to ECM (AT+QCFG="usbnet",1) and see if it will register and obtain the address.

Revision: EC25EUGAR06A06M4G

I attempted to set it, but it seems it isnt willing.
+QCFG: "usbnet",0


+QCFG: "usbnet",0

Any suggestions?

AT+CFUN=1,1 or power toggle needed after the change

it is relatively old

Do you think the firmware could be a problem? Its odd because its not like its unable to connect to the APN, its simply unable to register. Otherwise it would not work after registering with teltonika FW and then flashing openwrt?

Protocol: QMI Cellular
RX: 0 B (0 Pkts.)
TX: 0 B (0 Pkts.)
Error: Network device is not present

+QCFG: "usbnet",1


I do not fully understand what could be the root cause here. One of the theories - stock firmware uses different QMI driver and different commands or the same commands but in a different order during connection setup.

With "usbnet",1 you need a regular DHCP interface instead of QMI. All the checks needs to be done with AT commands.

Not sure if its of any relevance or if you can derive something from it but in the syslog its permanently stuck looping this:
Thu Sep 7 16:42:39 2023 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'wwan' is setting up now
Thu Sep 7 16:42:40 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4352): Waiting for SIM initialization
Thu Sep 7 16:42:40 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4352): Failed to parse message data
Thu Sep 7 16:42:40 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4352): PIN verification is disabled
Thu Sep 7 16:42:41 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4352): Device does not support 802.3 mode. Informing driver of raw-ip only for wwan0 ..
Thu Sep 7 16:42:41 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4352): Waiting for network registration
Thu Sep 7 16:42:42 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4352): Starting network wwan
Thu Sep 7 16:42:42 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4352): Unable to connect IPv4
Thu Sep 7 16:42:42 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4391): Stopping network wwan
Thu Sep 7 16:42:42 2023 daemon.notice netifd: wwan (4391): Command failed: ubus call network.interface notify_proto { "action": 0, "link-up": false, "keep": false, "interface": "wwan" } (Permission denied)
Thu Sep 7 16:42:42 2023 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'wwan' is now down

You need to delete QMI interface and create a new one, see

Yes. Teltonika uses their slightly modified driver, plus quectels connection manager for the EC25.
Having up-to-date modem firmwares on the various EC25, and openwrt 22.03.04, I am running a large fleet of RUT955, using QMI, not only in USA (ATT and Verizon), but also in Europe with different cell providers. In the past, I also used PPP succesfully.
I always consider it to be a good idea, to have up-to-date modem firmware.

Any recommendation on how get mine working?

Start from definite state: New firmware for modem. Which then also means, factory defaults. Because modem caches some infos, afaik. And provide /etc/config/network, wwan section.


I requested quectel firmware on their forum and got an email with firmware, but it seems so sketchy to me. Is there a way to get firmware other than making a forum post or sending them an email?