Trouble adding support for 8devices Rambutan

Hi everyone!

I am looking to add support for the 8devices Rambutan. The Rambutan is a dual-band module with a 720 MHz CPU (QCA9557) and 128 Mb of RAM and Flash.

I have never added a device to the LEDE project, so I have been following the steps in this PR for the 8devices's Lima module, but have been hitting some roadblocks during the build process. Specially, when I build with debug information turned on, I get the following error:

Makefile:113: *** Missing Build/sysupgrade-nand. Stop.

Does anyone have any references or literature on how to move forward with adding a device that uses NAND flash? Also, is there anyone else working on adding support for the Rambutan and would like to collaborate?

Thanks for the help!

Basic support for Rambutan has been added recently:;a=commit;h=68b5d34f69421264de6e5d77760fcc2bfe9ee687

When will there be snapshot builds for Rambutan?

There already are since may

Thanks! I forgot to check in nand folder.